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Welcome to Pravah!

Pravah is a platform active since 1994. Objective behind the emergence of Pravah was to create mass awareness in respect of issues of drinking water and Sanitation and initiate advocacy for the same.


In the State of Gujarat, at the time when Pravah was initiated, the issues were many and the solutions were very few, in respect of drinking water. In the State of Gujarat, the Government was supplying water for the name sake only. During the summer, water was brought by train from other States and supplied through tankers. Since there was no Government policy regarding water, there were many issues about its distribution. People in the remote areas had to wait only for a drop of water.


Pravah through its values, decided to address the issues. Inspired people to be self reliant rather than be dependent. Inspired by these values of Pravah, many voluntary organisations of the State, decided to join the Pravah family. To make these values reach the people, Pravah along with its members, launched several campaigns like self-reliance (Swavlamban) Abhiyan, resulting in to peoples’ demand to get free from dependence and move towards self-reliance.



PRAVAH is a membership based network
with more than 150 NGOs and individuals
working towards mobilizing action on
drinking water and sanitation.


To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 5000 villages and 10 small towns by facilitating, strengthening and demonstrating alternative approaches to community managed rural and urban water and sanitation management systems.
The objective is to contribute to achieving SDG 6 by 2025.


To initiate a movement in Gujarat for ensuring safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all and effective sanitation facilities through out the year.

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Village Water Availability Monitoring

Pravah has initiated a Village Water Availability Monitoring excercise to measure the water crisis.

Chekout the outcomes here


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Pravah welcomes individuals and organisation working towards the goals of Pravah to join hands. For membership inquiry, kindly contact us

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