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Pravah feels the importance of building the right understanding and perspective on drinking water and sanitation issues at the micro as well as macro level.

Pravah helps the members and other voluntary organisations in empowering communities especially women through awareness creation and active participation of women in planning, implementation and management of water harvesting (or supply) systems.

Pravah promotes decentralised sustainable and equitable drinking water and sanitation system.

Pravah tries to influence Government policies on drinking water and sanitation.

To achieve all these, Pravah has initiated different programmes.

Village Water Availability Monitoring


PRAVAH believes in self reliance through people centered decentralized inclusive systems in drinking water and sanitation. To achieve this, PRAVAH uses different tools such as strengthening systems by Civic Monitoring. Monitoring drinking water availability through SMS (mobile based) on daily basis from citizens is a unique way to monitor the availability at grass root. By publishing this in public domain, PRAVAH intend these data to be used by as many as stake holders who can help to make systems better - people centered decentralized inclusive -for drinking water.    

Given below is a map showing the villages being monitored:

View Daily Village Water availability System in a larger map


Abhiyan (Campaign)

Abhiyan is one of such activities of Pravah in which large number of people get involved.



Research & Documentation

Pravah carries out various activities in terms of its objectives, such as, General Meeting, Lokmanch, Abhiyan, Sammelan, Capacity enhancement programmes, Studies etc.


Information Exchange

Information centre, loaded with all types of various information about water and sanitation were raised in every Region by Pravah.




Advocacy through Lokmanch

One of the objective of Pravah is that the policies about the drinking water and Sanitation should be framed by the Government, by keeping people in mind and also that this particular right of the people should be considered as Human Right. For last many years, Pravah, adhering to its objectives, has been working on four main programmes, in all the five regions, along with member organisations.




Member organisations of Pravah get an opportunity to meet each other once in a year at the time of Annual General Meeting.




To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 5000 villages and 10 small towns by facilitating, strengthening and demonstrating alternative approaches to community managed rural and urban water and sanitation management systems.
The objective is to contribute to achieving MDG 7 by 2015.


To initiate a movement in Gujarat for ensuring safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all and effective sanitation facilities through out the year.

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Pravah welcomes individuals and organisation working towards the goals of Pravah to join hands. For membership inquiry, kindly contact us

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