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Information Exchange

Information centre, loaded with all types of various information about water and sanitation were raised in every Region by Pravah.



Types of information to be made available in these Information Centres are decided by the concerned Sankalan Samiti of the Region. Last year, below mentioned activities were carried out at Information Centre.

At present, information mentioned below is available at every Information Centre.



  • Permanent exhibitions have been made available about water and sanitation at the Information Centre by every Region.
  • Different working models of drinking water and sanitation.
  • Various Research Papers.
  • Training Literature about different subjects.
  • Water quality testing kit.
  • Modern library full of good books.
  • Various posters and pamphlets with reference to water and sanitation.
  • Banners and stickers of the Information Centre have been prepared.
  • Data collection activity is being done.
  • As a part of Pani Samiti capacity enhancement, booklet has been prepared.
  • Literature related with Eco sanitation has been kept at the Information Centre.
  • Pani Samiti guidelines have been prepared.

Information Centres                                    Location

“Parab Information Centre”                           – Saurashtra-1 Regional Office
“Information Centre”                                    – Saurashtra-2 Regional Office
“Jalchetana Information Centre”                    – North Gujarat Regional Office
“Information Centre”                                    – South Gujarat Regional Office
“Information Centre”                                    – Eastern Tribal Belt Regional  Office

Besides, The Information Centre, the information is also exchanged by Pravah at the programmes arranged by the members as also programmes arranged by other organisations. Details of incidents of exchange of information last year is given below, At the Annual General Meeting of Mahiti Sanstha managed Bhal Cooperative Society, literature about water and Sanitation as also about Government schemes etc was provided by Regional Centre. Also, the information was given about construction of toilets through Government schemes and obtaining loans from other sources. A visit to Social Work Department of J C Kumarappa Vidyalaya was made. During the visit, 120 students and 10 professors were given information about situation of water and sanitation, issues, effects, solutions.


To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 5000 villages and 10 small towns by facilitating, strengthening and demonstrating alternative approaches to community managed rural and urban water and sanitation management systems.
The objective is to contribute to achieving MDG 7 by 2015.


To initiate a movement in Gujarat for ensuring safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all and effective sanitation facilities through out the year.

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