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Advocacy through Lokmanch

One of the objective of Pravah is that the policies about the drinking water and Sanitation should be framed by the Government, by keeping people in mind and also that this particular right of the people should be considered as Human Right. For last many years, Pravah, adhering to its objectives, has been working on four main programmes, in all the five regions, along with member organisations.



Over the years, Pravah has realised that policy based changes can be made possible only through mass movement. Policy based changes can only be made, if the policy makers are pressurised.  Keeping this in mind, Lokmanchs are being raised by Pravah since 2003 to bring people to a single platform. Since the process of Lokmanch is to join communities, it has been slower. Pravah is playing a lead role in respect to Lokmanch, People are supreme in Lokmanch.

The process of raising Lokmanchs was undertaken by holding meetings and workshops in Districts and Talukas.

With Lokmanchs, which are in primary stage, the process of meetings and trainings were being carried out, wherein mainly  useful information about issues of drinking water and sanitation, Peoples’ rights, Lokmanch and its functions, local issues and their solutions etc. was given. Besides, at the meeting, people made representation of local issues and the strategy to pursue the issues further was also prepared.

Concentrated process is carried out with those Manchs which are actively working, in which, after identifying the local issues; its proper presentation is being done in the Pani Samiti Sammelan. Pravah will make all efforts to make all these Lokmanchs totally autonomous in future.


To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 5000 villages and 10 small towns by facilitating, strengthening and demonstrating alternative approaches to community managed rural and urban water and sanitation management systems.
The objective is to contribute to achieving MDG 7 by 2015.


To initiate a movement in Gujarat for ensuring safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all and effective sanitation facilities through out the year.

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